How Do I Know The Value Of My Home

Dated: 04/17/2015

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It's Image title beyond me how someone can count on an online valuation of their home.  This means using sites like Zillow which by the way do not have any training in selling homes. 

Would you go to the internet to get a diagnosis from a doctor?  I doubt it.  Why,  because you need a professional to take all of your sysmptoms into consideration before prescribing tests, medicine or surgery. 

When it comes to your Orange County home you should know that the same holds true.  

If you look at the facts which are in black and white, it does not take into consideration your homes unique attributes, location or upgrades.

Each of these factors can affect the value of your home, not to mention supply and demand.   

The home accross the stree may be on a busy street and your home would be worth more money. Or your home might have been updated and this is never going to be factored into an online valuation of your home.

What's the solution?

You need to speak to a professional Realtor, not a part time agent who does not have their pulse on the market.  To be professional you need to know daily what's happening in your market. 

You need to have lots of experience to know what the lender will loan  on your home if the buyer needs financing. 

How do you adjust for a 2 car vs. a 3 car garage?  How much is the pool really worth?

These are all to be considered when you are talking about the largest investment you may have, which is your home. 

You could be leaving thousands on the table.  There are agents who will be happy to underlist your home and get a quick sale.   
With that said get several opinions of the value of your home and then look at it as if you were the buyer.  

This way you will be best informed of what your home value is.


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